New pencil sketch


“Mad Geisha” sketch

Hi everyone. I have been busy lately and finally sat down to sketch 🙂

Sketch of the week…

Mad Geisha

Mad Geisha

Tribal tattoo “Punk” design

Hello… If you are interested in a design, I can make you one unique just for you.

New Tribal Tattoo art of the week…

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Summer is HERE!!! Party Time!!!

The summer is here and Pool Parties are full on!!!  Contact me regarding a design for your next Pool Party or Club night.

You can find more samples on

Club Element Sun. Dip

Sketch of the week…Swords!

Got the sketching bug and this is what came…. SWORDS!!!

Fantasy Swords

New Monster 2012

The Monster comes back and better then the first version 🙂


New Monster 2012

Too much music is Good!

This is what happens when you listen to music all day long 🙂


Bass Is My Religion

Web Design

Good evening everyone.

It has been a while since my last post. I added a page with some of my latest Web-Page designs and here is one of them.

Feel free to visit my site at:

Real Estate Design